Aftermarket Certified Partners

What’s in Your Kit?

Source your gasket rebuild kits from an Interface Performance Materials' Certified Partner to guarantee 100% asbestos free and 100% solvent free gasket material content.
The powertrain gasket kit suppliers listed below are among Interface Performance Materials' elite customers — our Certified Partners.
When you source an aftermarket powertrain rebuild kit from an Interface Certified Partner, you are assured that gaskets included in the kit are made from high quality, 100% asbestos free and 100% solvent free materials.
Plus, you can benefit from technical support that we make available to our Certified Partners. If gasket-related engineering assistance is needed for your application, your Certified Partner can call on our engineering and testing resources to help address your sealing challenge with technically reliable, cost-effective solutions.
China - CGP (Wuhu) Sealing Company, Ltd. -
South Korea - *Dongyang Jeongmil Gasket Co., LTD, -
Taiwan - Hsiang Lun International Corp. (San Ho Industries) -
Italy - Ellegi srl -
Italy - LE.MA. s.r.l. -
Italy - *Spesso Gaskets srl -
Turkey - Temel Gaskets -
North America
USA - *Walker Products Inc. -
USA - Costex Tractor Parts -
Mexico - Kuo Aftermarket (TF Victor) - 
South America
Argentina - *Juntas Ciccarelli -
Argentina - *Junar S.A. -
Brazil - Sabo Industria e Comercio de Autopecas LTDA -
Colombia - *F.R.A.C.O.  S.A. -
Venezuela - *Sealing Products Fraco -
South Pacific
Australia - *AA Gasket -
New Zealand - *NZ Gaskets Ltd. -

*Founding Members