Commercial Vehicle


To meet the demand for outstanding durability in high-performance gaskets, OEMs rely on our 100-year legacy in serving the commercial vehicle market. For static sealing, we primarily provide proven fiber-composite gasket solutions to create cost-effective gaskets for engines, transmissions and axles. Fiber-composite solutions are also available for hydraulics, power takeoff and accessory equipment – such as compressors. To meet specific needs, we also offer rubber-edged composite and metal-based gasket materials.

For protection against exhaust heat, our thermal shielding solutions provide proven protection for vehicle bodies. For oil, coolant and hot-gas sealing systems in exhaust manifolds, advanced materials are available with a low coefficient of friction for exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) and turbo systems duty.

With our broad product portfolio, Interface Performance Materials gives you a design advantage when facing sealing and thermal challenges.